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Intensa: Now in Khimar

NEW Premium Jewellery Collection

Bestselling Non-Slip Underscarves

Non Slip Semi Instant Hijab

Embodying Speed & Elegance in Singapore’s Hijab Boutiques

ELMODESTA™ redefines the essence of modesty by merging swift and easy-to-wear hijab styles with modern aesthetics. From the streets of Singapore to the global arena, our hijabs and accessories ensure quick get-ready-with-me. Whether you’re a busy working professional, or a dedicated mother juggling daily tasks, our collection guarantees quick elegance without compromising style or faith.

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Created by someone like you


Collections Crafted with Purpose

Quick-Fix Daily Essentials

Designed with practicality, we cater to the busy lives of Muslim women. Our daily hijabs are designed in Singapore and guarantee a hassle-free experience, ensuring you’re ready in a jiffy without compromising quality or style.

Explore Easy-to-Wear Hijabs

At ELMODESTA™, we do things differently.

At ELMODESTA™, we do things differently. We believe women can get ready quickly, sporting our hijab magnet pins or brooches and other accessories, yet still look fabulous and confident.

Women deserve more time and freedom for what brings them meaning to life.

ELMODESTA™ was created with the intention to help busy Muslim women get productive while preserving the desire to feel amazing in their hijab.

Here, we’re keeping it quick and easy... Because it’s more than just modesty.

Pioneering Accessories for the Practical Muslimah

Magnet Bars & Hijab Caps

Say goodbye to constantly adjusting your hijabs. No more holes in your delicate hijabs ruined by needles. Our Magnet Bar offers strength without fuss, while our vision for hijabs with silicone bands ensures they stay put, letting you shine unburdened.

Discover Game-Changing Accessories

Why choose ELMODESTA™?

Instant Elegance with Perfection and Speed

The Ultimate Pinless Hijab Experience

Are you trying to balance motherhood and daily chores? Our pinless and non-slip hijabs are designed in Singapore and are your fast solution, specifically designed to fit the busy Muslim women. With our magnetic brooches, you’ll be able to fix your hijab in just one snap. Be stylish and confident at a moment’s notice, no matter how busy your schedule becomes.

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Review: Magnet Bar

"Recommended it to the ladies in my family and they were sold! :D All of them made their purchase here. Love the magnet bars as they are very strong! Alhamdulillah no regrets."

Aishah A

Review: Inner Gripper

"I absolutely love it as a hijabi beginner. I wore it in Dubai and thank god I brought it because I bought another underscarf and it’s just not the same. I don’t know if I can wear another normal underscarf after this. I will definitely buy more when I become a full time hijabi. InshaAllah. Thank you Sarah!"

Lutfiah LB

Review: Intensa Hijab

"I've bought 2 intensa sports before. And i bought other colors too. Its not only good and comfy for sports but also good to wear for other purpose. Very easy and fast to put on. Esp me having kids, i need to be fast putting on hijab. If have othef colors, will surely buy 😍."

Nur Fahana

Review: Mini Magnet Pin

"I have tried others from Lazada & shopee but found this brand thru recommend I meet when performing Umrah. It just what I looking for thru my hijrah journey. Thank you very much."

Faezah Junadi

Hassle-free Worldwide Shipping & Returns

You can enjoy the ELMODESTA™ promise anywhere and everywhere. We ship from Singapore and deliver worldwide. Enjoy our return and delivery policy and ensure you feel as relaxed shopping as you would be in our hijab and magnet bars.