About Us


ELMODESTA™ is a Singapore-based brand focussing on quick and easy-to-wear styles for busy Muslim women.

We solve Muslim hijab wearers' problems so you can improve your hijab routine. We take control from start to finish of all of our self manufactured designs.

To us, hijab is more than modest fashion. In this day and age, hijab needs to be practical and purposeful for our busy lives. We don't just say we are made for busy Muslim women, we actually truly mean it.

Each of our creations has been for a purpose far beyond its name. We created the first ever Magnet Bar: everything a hijab magnet brooch is supposed to be. Strong. Quick. Fuss free. Because leaving holes in our delicate hijabs made no sense.

The goal is to get all our hijabs and underscarves to come with a silicone band. Because hijabs sliding off our heads are far too common and defeats the purpose of covering. Gone are the days we keep adjusting our hijabs!

About the founder


It's funny how I find myself at the backend of wanting more out of the fashion industry. I find myself too often taking too long to get ready. It doesn't help that I need to be out of door, like now. You ladies feel me, right?

And yet, there were no brands out there that focus on this sole purpose. More often than not, I crave for the added functionality than what typical modest fashion provides.

You see, I was working for a top research institute in Singapore and was feeling contented. Alhamdulillah. And then I gave birth to my son and raising him was the most difficult "job" I have ever done. Having juggled both hats, made me think "Wow! The world could do with some flexible work-life balance". And that's when I felt the desire to be his full-time caregiver and put my career on hold. It was the best decision I have ever made!


A year past and then I thought, "Well, I'm not just a mom". I'm not just this person who has XX credentials in my life. I'm so much more. Aren't we all?

I realised how long we take to get ready. And that wasn't helping the never-ending work. There must be a way to shorten the process yet still retain the same result. There must be a way I can make full use of my hours: especially for spending time with my loved ones.

That's why I created ELMODESTA™, with the intention that getting ready should be efficient and effortless. Because we women, have 1,001 things to do every day.

Be it if we're moms or career women from all walks of life. Or for a lot of us, both! We are always wishing for more hours in the day, not for more work but more rest, more freedom, and lesser on the to-do list.


My brand mission...

To ensure every woman has more time and freedom to what brings them meaning to life. With my timesaving designs, I strive to help busy women get ready quicker and easier while looking amazing and confident so they can have more time for other priorities in life.

My brand values...

The values I stand for are to be the most productive we can be as female individuals: to be quick yet efficient in every task that we do and to prioritise meaningful relationships that bring us everlasting happiness and memories.

A new beginning...

This is, to me, the beginning of quick 'get ready with me'. And more importantly, this is the beginning of a whole new freedom.


Warm regards,

Sarah Z., founder of ELMODESTA™