For the Muslim Woman: How to Achieve a Better 2021

Salam lovely ladies!

Let's face the fact. The year 2020 has been a test of Sabr for many.

Whether that affects you in small ways like not being able to travel abroad for leisure or affected you tremendously like losing the financial freedom you had in 2019.

Did you find yourself feeling so low for most of 2020? Not being able to meet your usual group of friends due to the limited number of pax allowed? And Zoom meeting really isn't comparable?

Or has 2020 actually been a huge blessing for you and things couldn't come in better timing?

Whatever it is, I'd like to list below 5 tips I have for us Muslim women for a better 2021!

1. Accepting the reality.

"It is what it is", "oh well, nothing you can do about that" are just some of the things I tell myself when things don't go according to plan. And especially on occassions I know from the bottom of my heart that I've literally tried my best.

"But they plan. And Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners." Surah Al-Anfal verse 30.

You are exactly where Allah SWT wants you to be. (Continue working hard tho!) Accepting reality is possibly the first step to making things better. To be in denial or to ignore the signs will no doubt pull you closer to feeling low and thinking you are not fit for 'goodness'.

2. Learn from 2020.

Instead, you can make use of your experience in 2020 to learn how you can make things better. Depending on what the downfall was, there is always something you can do (and if not, read #1, haha) to turn things around.

Did you lose your job? Now is the time to enroll in courses or do something you never thought of before. With losing job, you gain free time. Make full use of it. Of course we all need to pay bills. Is there something you can do on the side?

Remember this verse, "So, surely with hardship comes ease" from Surah Ash-Sharh verse 5. Truly believe that this happens for a reason. InshaAllah what is to come is so unimaginable and you will look back thinking Alhamdulillah for Allah's plans.

3. Always review the positives.

What are the positives of this year? For me, it's more precious time with my family. My husband now works from home and will continue to do so InshaAllah. Even if we have to work, we can still sneak in coffee breaks at our favourite place, CSHH at 150 Thyrwhitt (which btw I recommend their Flat White).

Time is a very important aspect of my life (if you haven't already figured that out. It's the whole idea behind my brand, elmodesta).

Steve Jobs once said, "my favourite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time." There is no space for time wastage on focussing on the negatives!

4. Absorb this mindset "this too, shall pass."

We're all looking forward to brighter days, InshaAllah. Like how you got through that incredible feat in the past, you will get through this because, "Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear" from Surah Baqarah verse 286.

5. Set realistic goals for 2021.

Setting goals is good. But setting realistic goals is not only greater, but it will motivate you even more knowing that the goal is very much attainable.

Have you downloaded my FREE printable 2021 calendar? I added useful links and helpful reminders as the months pass by as well as Islamic celebratory dates. In it, I included space for you to write small and realistic goals you can achieve every month in 2021. As you witness reaching each goal, I hope you will be motivated to make 2021 a good one.

Contact me at, if you haven't received this calendar yet!

Lastly, for those who lost loved ones during this time, I make Du'a that you will be amongst even more loved ones to help you go through during this very difficult time!

Till next time!

-Sarah Z.

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