Why you need to start applying the 90/20 mins rule

The Issue

So you have listed all of your tasks according to the group they belong to? (If you don’t have an idea of what I’m talking about, refer to my first blog post here. I promise it is worth a read. Psst! A FREE checklist is in it.) And now you’re interested to know how you can stretch your time even further.

I’ve been applying the 90/20 mins productivity rule and I can promise you that it will be a game changer in how you used to approach your time. Do you find yourself not checking things off your list quick enough? A 30 mins task dragged to a 1 hour task and although you’re checking them off your list, you wish that you can do it in half the time. Do you wonder if it’s possible at all? Trust me, I was in your position until I figured this method.

Can you relate?

My husband, without fail will always talk to me about his day at work. He always says that he had a busy day. He is quite a chatterbox (only with me) to say the least. In fact, even when I’m showering my son, my husband will be at the bathroom door, continuing to talk about his daily woes. It’s like I’m listening to Husband non-stop-hits FM.

And I always tell him the same thing. “Well, that’s great that you’re busy. That means you’re getting things done!”. His facial expression will always tell me, in truth, that wasn’t the case at all.

The Solution

Research says that our brains work best when we get frequent breaks! Humans are capable of getting 100% focus for 90 mins straight. After which, it is recommended to get a 20 mins break. And this cycle continues. Surprising isn’t it? That’s how we’re wired to work and yet that’s not what’s being practiced right? In the workplace, at home, nada!

The Reason

Without going too deep into the science, our bodies are simply wired to maintain focus or attention in a standard set of time. Our ability to focus slowly decreases as the time approaches the end. If we continue to work through without a break, we simply won’t be productive. We will probably be mindlessly working. We can probably still reply to simple emails but you probably won’t be able to get through a fruitful time planning the next big project in half the time. Had you taken a break, you probably could!

Share your ideas!

What are some ideas for a quick recharge? Go for a quick walk? Take some fresh air? Maybe take a selfie in the bathroom? Haha. Embarrassingly enough, this has helped me.

What I like to do is to get out of the office and hydrate myself. I like to spend my quick break alone, looking at pictures of my son.

How do you like to spend your quick breaks?

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