18 Ways for a more fulfilling Ramadhan - Incl. FREE Ramadhan 2021 Logbook!

So fact talk, right. Everyone wants to do good. And Ramadhan is a convenient excuse to be good and do good.

But how many of us actually retain those habits acquired in Ramadhan and bring them into Syawal and then to Zulkaedah, and back to the next Ramadhan? The truth is, not many.

Maybe we forgot what it was we were doing and life again gets in the way. Things like that happen. It's totally normal. We're all busy keeping up with our busy lives, we don't have time to journal what we did, etc.

So I created a quick one-page view logbook for the month of Ramadhan. You may download them here. All 18 ways are included in there!

Let's run through the contents.

free ramadhan 2021 logbook journal

1. Goals to complete by the end of Ramadhan.

At the start of Ramadhan, that's when we are so ambitious and excited to accomplish so many things. They inevitably die down as the days go by. So it's good to pen down your thoughts on whatever goals you wish to complete.


2. Simple things you can do for a more fulfilling Ramadhan.

We live in an era of constantly being on the move. With social media forever in our hands, it can be quite tough to fully devote yourselves to this holy month.

Here, I added a few things you can do throughout the whole month. The stars are there for you to check off. The goal here is to do each of them every 2 days on average. The more the better, but the aim is to do as much as you can within the month.

I intentionally added very simple tasks that we, busy Muslim women, can attain. It doesn’t take up too much of our time and yet it will make your Ramadhan a more fulfilling one, InshaAllah.


3. Things you can do if you're not fasting.

Here, we are divided into two groups. Some will be sad that they can't fast because they will be “missing out” on all the good deeds and merits. The other group however will be like “thank God I now no longer need to wake up early for sahur.” Who doesn't want longer sleep?

Whether you’re the former or the latter, there are things you can do to get the best out of this Ramadhan!

I added 7 circles here for you to shade or check off because on average women menstruate for 7 days. Because we are not fasting, the goal here is to do this daily if you can InshaAllah.


4. Habits you acquired during Ramadhan that you will continue.

Ahh, one of the most important things about Ramadhan isn’t it? Building habits in this month isn’t supposed to just stay within the month. Instead, it should continue to the next and the next until it becomes part of your lifestyle.

Here, input any habits you wish to uphold. It can be to quit smoking (hey, at elmodesta, we don’t judge) or maybe keeping bubble tea consumption to once a month (again, I don’t judge) or even frequent Qur'an reading. It can be anything big or small.

 quran reading singapore habits ramadhan

Credit: Photo by the dancing rain on Unsplash.

5. Dates of missed fasts.

For most of us, we will miss some dates for many reasons (period, pregnancy, breastfeeding, whatever). I know for some people, they end up fasting more days than needed just in case they miscount them. So this section is super useful so that you will remember how many days to qada' your fasts.


6. Useful QR links.

I’m not sure at the time of posting whether praying tarawih will be allowed in the mosques (in Singapore due to Covid-19). So one of the links teaches you how to do so in the comfort of your home.

And the other is how you may make your obligatory Zakat payment.

At the end of the holy month, we can look back in just one glance and see how you fair throughout Ramadhan and whether you completed your goals. I wish all of you the best.

And that is all! I hope you found the logbook useful and remember to tag me on Instagram @elmodesta your progress! I’d love to feature you on my page!


Till next time,


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